The girl said that she became pregnant from the wind and gave birth to a child on the same day

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(ORDO NEWS) — Indonesian police are currently trying to solve a unique wind-blown woman’s pregnancy. A 25-year-old local resident claims that fertilization was due to a strong gust of wind.

City Zainakh amused all the locals after she became a mother on February 10, allegedly from a strong air stream. In addition, the baby was born just an hour after the wind entered the vagina. During the investigation, it was established that the girl spent time in West Java, in Siandzhur, with her first child. Suddenly she felt the wind penetrating her body. The contractions began in a matter of minutes.

The belly grew, returned to normal and swelled again. There was pain. At the hospital, where Zainakh was brought by her relative, they said that there was a baby in the womb, and he was going to get out of there. The news spread throughout Indonesia and has already gone beyond its borders.

According to doctors, Zainakh faced a mysterious pregnancy, when until the last woman did not understand that she was carrying a child. Latent pregnancy often occurs as a result of taking contraceptive drugs.

Note that this case is not the only one. In 2020, a woman in Indonesia also found out about her pregnancy an hour before giving birth.


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