Paleontologists restored the appearance of the “carnivorous bull”

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Australia and Belgium have joined forces in order to conduct a study of the remains of one of the largest dinosaurs in the entire existence of the planet – the “carnivorous bull”. These remains were discovered back in 1984. Scientists from different countries have been researching them for many years and are constantly finding something new. Reported by Cretaceous Research.

There are very few remains of this amazing dinosaur. Archaeologists were able to find only a skull, on which there are several minor fragments of a skin made of scales. At the same time, two horns of a huge size are clearly visible on the head, which in their appearance resemble a bull. That is why the dinosaur received such an unusual name.

The skull was found in Patagonia. The specialists took advantage of modern technologies and the best equipment, which allowed them to restore the appearance of an ancient carnivore. Carnotaurus was completely covered in scales. Previous studies have shown that some of the predators could be covered with feathers, but in this case, absolutely no signs of plumage were found.

Throughout the body of the dinosaur, conical spines were located in an incomprehensible order. Around them, at the same time, there were scales of a diamond-shaped or semicircular shape, slightly elongated in order to reliably protect the “carnivorous bull”. In appearance, the dinosaur resembled the very thorny devil lizard that today lives in Australia. Moreover, its dimensions were much larger. The length of the carnotaurus reached almost 8 meters.

Scientists have noted the fact that the scales took part in the thermoregulation of the body. The same mechanism can be observed in reptiles living in the modern world.


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