The sailors caught a strange fish and thought it was a mutant

(ORDO NEWS) — Sailors in Italy caught an unusual creature that did not at all look like an ordinary fish. It had the body of a shark, but at the same time the muzzle was very much like a pig. Reported by the Mirror.

Initially, the sailors assumed that they managed to catch an unusual mutant, but then it turned out that this is just a rather rare species of fish. This strange creature is called ordinary centrin, which can also be called a pig shark.

This type of fish lives exclusively in the Atlantic Ocean, in its eastern part. An unusual creature lives at a fairly large depth, which can reach 100-700 meters. As a prey, common centrina uses annelids, which make up most of its diet.

The pig shark was listed in the Red Book, so the sailors were able to watch a really rare sight. Ordinary centrina cannot be found even in fairly large aquariums, because these fish are not at all adapted to live in captivity.

Yuri Tiberto, one of the employees of the local oceanarium, said that the creature received such a name not only because of its strange appearance. When a fish leaves the water, it emits a certain sound, reminiscent of an ordinary pig.


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