On a tombstone of 14 thousand years old, an image of a man was found

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A very interesting discovery was made in northern Israel. So, scientists on a tombstone of 14 thousand years old noticed a drawing of a man, most likely a shaman. It is interesting that the pattern was seen only a couple of years after the discovery of the burial.

The plate covered the grave of several people who lived 12-14 thousand years ago. The study of the stone “cover” was carried out at the Institute of Archeology. Zinman University of Haifa. Scientists noted that the visible patterns of Natufian culture are extremely rare.

Natufians existed approximately 11-15 thousand years ago. They occupied the territory from Sinai to northern Syria and the Jordanian desert. Initially, the culture included hunters and gatherers, but over time, communities appeared that began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. They learned how to agriculture, so they fed themselves.

Perhaps it was the sedentary Natufians who created the world’s first cemeteries. Like us, they had separate plots of land on which those who had passed away rested in peace. In addition, scholars speak of a carefully thought-out funeral rite, which may have included dancing and celebrations.


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