The pandemic will decline soon: scientists said it kills COVID-19 in 2 minutes

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the United States found that coronavirus can die under the influence of some elements that are present in the air. The virus is also negatively affected by high temperature and high humidity, ultraviolet radiation.

The spread of the virus will gradually decrease due to high temperatures in the summer.

Such research results were presented at a press briefing by scientists who are engaged in the study of coronavirus in the United States. Partially, these results coincide with those obtained by other experts. William Bryan added that half-life of the virus would take 18 hours.

Accordingly, after 18 hours, out of 1000 particles, only 500 will remain, and then 250 and so on. In the event that the air temperature exceeds 21 degrees and the humidity is about 80%, then the half-life of the virus is 1 hour. It is worth noting that such results apply only to situations where the virus comes into contact with non-porous surfaces.

If you add sunlight to the above factors, then the virus will decay in 2 minutes. That is why in the summer the coronavirus will die much faster when exposed to sunlight. At the same time, do not forget that the dangerous disease will continue to live in the shade, so experts insist on prolonging the quarantine for a more effective fight against the pandemic.


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