Nikola Tesla: “This dove was the joy of my life. I loved her like a man loves a woman”

(ORDO NEWS) — When Nikola Tesla was five years old , he watched his older brother Dana ride a horse.

At some point, the steed got out of control and knocked over the rider with such force that for him it turned into instant death. Nikola was so shocked by what he saw that something in his brain “wedged”.

The child, left alone with himself, often saw how “tongues of living flame” appeared out of nowhere, which rose into the air and formed into various shapes and symbols.

Tesla claimed that in this way he received messages from the Universe, which helped him make a number of important discoveries. In addition, with age, he learned to control hallucinations, causing them at will.

While studying in Graz, Austria, Tesla was known as an eccentric who considered intuition to be the driving force of at least his own life.

He relied on it with such confidence that even if it led to a mistake, he only blamed himself for “misinterpreting the messages.”

As he got older, Tesla became more and more withdrawn from society, preferring total loneliness. Gradually, he exchanged contacts with people for communication with… pigeons.

Nikola Tesla This dove was the joy of my life I loved her like a man loves a woman 2

Tesla had a special white dove, which he treated rather unusually

When she was gone, he said the following:

“This dove was the joy of my life. I loved her like a man loves a woman.

If she needed me, then nothing else mattered. While I had it, I had a purpose in life.

It was enough for me to think about her, and she immediately flew in.

I understood her, and she understood me.”

Tesla’s revelation reinforces the suggestion that he, as some experts believe, suffered from a neurotic-like schizophrenia (a low-grade schizophrenia that does not in itself lead to a gross personality defect), which helps him to observe the world from a special angle.

Yes, he was moderately crazy, who at an early age knew the pain of loss, but this did not prevent him from going down in history as a great scientist and inventor who illuminated the 20th century.


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