Did Stanley Kubrick film the moon landing?

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2015, the career of actor and producer Patrick Murray went downhill, so he came up with the idea to shoot something that could cause a public outcry and attract attention to his person.

This is how the sensational “interview with Stanley Kubrick” appeared

The interview was immediately loved by fans of the lunar conspiracy theory, as a certain person (no doubt Stanley Kubrick, since it was signed so) talked about how, on order from the US government, he created video materials that were then passed off as landing astronauts on the moon.

Patrick Murray claimed that Stanley Kubrick gave an interview in early 1999 (he died on March 7 of that year) and asked for the material to be published no earlier than 15 years after his death.

He supposedly was confident that he would reveal to the world the greatest secret in modern history.

The character posing as Kubrick said that all the landings were costly fakes that the US needed so badly to win the Cold War.

The actor also says that NASA did not have the funds to fly to the moon, but had pavilions for numerous filming.

The man Murray passed off as Kubrick was an ordinary actor named Tom. Yes, he lied for a fee, believing that it was all a work of art.

Below is the original video of the actor playing Stanley Kubrick reading the script before filming begins:

Did Stanley Kubrick film the moon landing
Stanley Kubrick, 1999 / Actor from video, 2015

Patrick Murray is a liar! Stanley Kubrick never gave him an interview in his life,” Kubrick’s widow’s legal representative told the press.


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