New York City trees dry on one side after Isaiah Storm

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(ORDO NEWS) — Some trees on Long Island, New York, after tropical storm Isaiah developed withered brown leaves on one side and normal green leaves on the other.

Nearly two weeks after Tropical Storm Isaias hit the East Coast, killing several people and cutting off electricity for millions of families, the storm left a strange mark on New York’s Long Island.

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast office in Upton, New York, tweeted Sunday that meteorologists noticed “an interesting phenomenon” affecting trees on Long Island after a tropical storm.

The photo was taken by one of the NWS meteorologists on Saturday, 11 days after the storm, and shows several trees and bushes with dried brown leaves on one side, while the other side of the trees appears normal green.

“You can see very clearly that most of the southern vegetation looks like it has passed into late autumn and most of it has turned brown,” NWS tweeted. “However, the north side of the trees and bushes is still green!”

Forecasters believe that this “strange incident” was due to the fact that the strong winds brought ocean spray containing sea salt to the south side of any open vegetation.

Tropical storm Isaias caused strong winds on Long Island, but not much rainfall, ”the NWS said.

Strong winds from the south, which went up to the Atlantic Ocean and exceeded 70 miles per hour, lifted sea salt from the surface of the ocean and hit the southern coast of Long Island.

“Due to the small amount of rain that could wash the salt from the trees and bushes after these high winds, the southern sides of the vegetation, which suffered the brunt of the winds (and therefore most of the impact of sea salt), seem to have begun to wilt”, – said the NWS

In addition to ocean spray, much of Long Island is currently subject to moderate drought, with some areas still receiving just over six inches of rainfall below the annual average.

“This could at least partially enhance the withering effect,” forecasters said.


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