“New Vanga” predicted disaster and new diseases in 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — During her lifetime, Vanga said that she would have an heiress. Probably, it came true: the French woman Kaede Uber began to continue the work of the Bulgarian seer. She declared herself the heiress.

It is worth noting that a resident of France really has a gift, many people trust her.

According to the seer, a climate catastrophe awaits the Earth in 2021. The reason will be something that is not yet familiar to a person, but depends on him. It follows that people themselves will be the culprits.

In the new year, some residents will face the unsuitability of rivers and soil. Resource pollution will endanger many lives. Some countries will not be able to survive: they will cease to exist. Mass migration of people will begin not to make more money, but to simply continue living.

There is a risk of awakening old dangerous diseases. The emergence of completely new strains not familiar to humans is possible. It is worth noting that Kaede Uber has previously stated similar things. For example, she talked about critical changes in 2016 and natural disasters. Many things have come true.


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