Archaeologists discovered the entrance to the mine where Cleopatra may be buried

(ORDO NEWS) — Despite active searches, the tomb of Cleopatra, the most famous pharaoh from the Ptolemaic dynasty, has not been found. Archaeologists have been excavating for a long time in the central part of Alexandria, but to no avail. New hope was given by the recent discovery – the entrance to a certain mine.

Two thousand years have passed since the death of Cleopatra. According to experts, her remains could have been destroyed by an earthquake in 365 AD, so there is no point in looking for them. Hope was given by archaeologist Kathleen Martinez, who, together with the team, stumbled upon the entrance to the “underworld”.

The Egyptian authorities had already wanted to ban archaeological work, but the discovery of the mine made them change their minds. The descent near the ancient temple of Taposiris Magna stretches for five meters, it leads to two chambers.

Some research has revealed 27 tombs and 10 mummies. In the underground room were also found 200 coins with the image of Cleopatra.

Chris Nonton believes that finding Cleopatra’s body in the cell will not work. All writers, including Strabo, pointed to Alexandria. It was in this city that the ruler of Egypt was allegedly buried.


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