Giant structures off the coast of Spain called lost Atlantis

(ORDO NEWS) — In historical records, the mythical island Atlantis is referred to as Critias or Timaeus. It is believed that the soldiers who lived on it tried to conquer ancient Athens. According to legend, Athens was able to defeat the Atlanteans, and after that the island was flooded by the gods.

For a long time, they tried to find the mythical island, but they managed to make a really revolutionary find only now with the help of satellite images.

In one of these pictures, they found huge rings, which are covered with a thick layer of sand from the coast of Spain. Physicist and historian Rainer Kuhn was interested in the image. After a detailed study, he noticed some rectangular structures inside the circles.

The length of one figure reaches 250 meters, and the second turned out to be even larger. At the moment, there is no information about what these structures actually are and what kind of origin they are.

The story of Atlantis may seem credible due to the fact that it has some historical elements. These include the War of the Sea Peoples, which took place in the Bronze Age and the city of Tartess.

In 2006 and 2009, two archaeological expeditions were organized, led by archaeologist Sebastian Celestino Perez and historian Richard Freund. They were able to find evidence that 4 powerful tsunamis had occurred in the area where Rainer Kuhn found structures in the images. They also found many ceramic artifacts, but they failed to prove the existence of the mythical island.


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