Bigfoot has polar bear DNA

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(ORDO NEWS) — Bayan Sykes, a specialist at Oxford University, studied the DNA of Bigfoot and Polar Bears. As a result, the genetic material turned out to be very similar. The basis was the wool cover of a creature that was killed three decades ago in the Himalayas.

During the analysis, it turned out that the creature that represents the stuffed animal today has the DNA of a polar bear, which became extinct 40 thousand years ago. Yeti can be a hybrid of brown and polar bears. Animals came in the past, most likely from the arctic north. This explains the strange behavior and lifestyle in general.

Now the scientist is thinking about collecting samples of Yeti from around the world to determine the relationship of each species of Bigfoot with extinct animals.

Interestingly, the alleged Bigfoot samples found in 1976 and examined by the FBI turned out to be similar to the deer genome. This casts doubt on the veracity of research, both new and old. Perhaps the hunters did not find the snowmen, but only the remains of animals.


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