New giant bubbles discovered in the center of the Milky Way

(ORDO NEWS) — The next observations allowed astronomers to notice several more Fermi bubbles – huge structures that rise from the center of the Milky Way. The formations diverge perpendicular to the plane of our galaxy.

Fermi bubbles were first detected a decade ago with the Fermi telescope. Then it turned out that they contain hot gas and have powerful magnetic fields. The objects emit radiation in the gamma range within a radius of thirty thousand light years from the point of origin.

So far, scientists don’t know how bubbles form. According to one theory, they are generated by a supermassive black hole. Recently, experts have noticed structures in X-rays even farther than usual – 45 thousand light years.

They also found eROSITA bubbles, which are larger and more spherical. Outwardly, the objects resemble a shock wave that propagates in the rarefied halo of the galaxy. Generally speaking, both types of bubbles have many similar features, noted German expert Peter Predel.


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