The last solar eclipse of 2020 what astrologers warn about

(ORDO NEWS) — On December 14, a solar eclipse is planned, which will be the fifth in the outgoing year. Observing the phenomenon in most geolocations will not work: it will only be visible in the southern hemisphere.

According to astrologers, December 14 will be the last day when it is possible to replay this or that situation without negative consequences.

The Looming Event is a repeat of the one that took place on December 4, 2002. Then there was a terrorist attack in Chechnya, an unsuccessful coup d’etat in Turkmenistan, and political vacillations in Kenya. Today the situation in the world is more tense, and therefore the consequences can be much worse.

Astrologers urge not to let things take their course, not to plan important meetings and events. You should not rely on someone: you need to do everything on your own, since further events may depend on one thing.

It is necessary to increase the level of responsibility as well as tolerance. Not everything will work out, it’s worth accepting. Some difficulties will be solved over time by themselves: the Universe itself will dispose of how what should proceed.


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