New artificial intelligence learned to decipher human gestures

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists believe they have finally figured out how to get artificial intelligence to recognize the gestures we use in everyday life.

There are AIs for speech recognition, but until they can decipher what we are doing with our own hands, even the most sophisticated AI will overlook an important aspect of human communication.

The problem, as it turns out, was the data was not being loaded into these algorithms. But the Nanyang Technological University team thinks they figured it out.

Scientists have used computer vision (video footage) to train AI, but they have also augmented this data with spatial information from people who make gestures with gloves with special sensors to capture the AI’s motion.

The resulting AI isn’t exactly a good conversationalist, and it’s too early to expect any algorithm to actually understand what we’re saying.

But the team knows that the AI ​​at least understands what the gestures mean: they were able to guide the robot through the maze using only hand gestures.


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