NATO military exercises interrupted by numerous UFO sightings

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1952, military exercises were held in the North Sea, which were named “Minebrace”. They were organized by the countries that were members of NATO. Nine countries took part in the exercises, as well as a huge amount of military equipment and military personnel.

The essence of this event was that NATO wanted to gather all its forces and demonstrate that they are ready for battles on the water. Some of the planned maneuvers failed not only due to high waves, but also due to the sudden appearance of UFOs.

Beginning on September 13, 1952, military personnel regularly saw unidentified triangular objects that glowed with blue light and moved at great speed. Reporter Wallace Lytvyn likened UFOs to ping-pong balls.

For all the time, quite a lot of objects were recorded, but no one was able to explain where they came from. As a result, the NATO operation was completely disrupted, they were completely unarmed in front of an unknown party.


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