Giant rainbows and showers every 29 years: scientists told what the weather is like on Titan

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists said that the weather conditions on Titan are very similar to those that exist on our planet, but at the same time there are some differences.

Most of the planets in our solar system have their own atmospheres. On some of them, you can even fix certain weather. But only the moon of Saturn, which is called Titan, has exactly the same characteristics as the planets.

dust storms Titan

Titan is considered the largest moon of Saturn. It is the only one in the solar system that has a dense atmosphere, and there is liquid on its surface.

Titan has about the same hydrological cycle as Earth. In addition, phenomena such as dust storms or monsoon rains can be observed on this satellite. It is worth noting that Titan’s climate is completely dependent on seasonal changes.

Still, Titan is very different from Earth. It receives much less solar heat, one year on a satellite is 29 Earth years, and the weather there changes several times slower than on our planet. Because of this, only once every 29 years is it possible to record sufficiently strong showers on Titan, which lead to the appearance of giant rainbows.


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