An ambulance doctor described the stages of death from the words of patients

(ORDO NEWS) — Thomas Fleischmann, emergency doctor, spoke about the stages of death. The man saw more than 2000 deaths during his work in Germany and Switzerland, so he has no experience.

During his work, the physician found a number of coincidences and patterns. Thus, at first, dying people experience a sudden change of state. Anxiety, pain and worries go away. These feelings are replaced by peace and joy.

The second phase is when the soul leaves the body. People can observe themselves from the side. If for some reason the soul returns, then the dead are able to accurately retell the actions and words of doctors. They see and understand absolutely everything. How this is possible, science is unable to explain.

Almost all patients (99%) feel comfortable. Only 1% smelled bad, saw terrifying creatures, and heard loud noises. This group of patients often sees and walks along a tunnel with light at the other end.

Units reach the fifth stage. They find themselves in a place of indescribable beauty, where harmony reigns. A person analyzes his life at this stage, some communicate with deceased relatives.

More than 50% of patients return, as they allegedly have unfinished business. Mission is spoken of in the world of the dead. People who have gone through all five stages are no longer afraid of death.


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