NASA told if the solar minimum could cause a new Ice Age

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Every 11 years, the activity of the Sun changes dramatically: the luminosity is either increasing it, as if falling asleep. Currently, the Sun is in the deep phase of the solar minimum, since there is not a single spot on it. NASA said whether the current state of the star will affect the climate of our planet.

According to the conclusions of experts, no changes on Earth will happen. Despite the decreased activity of the star, the Ice Age should not be expected, since the temperature on the planet depends on global warming.

Scientists have long discovered that every 11 years, the activity of the sun changes significantly. Then they suggested that this could somehow affect the climate. However, despite a slight cooling in 1650 and 1715 due to the solar minimum, experts could not prove whether the decreased activity on the star really affects the Earth.

NASA believes that only human activity determines the Earth’s climate. The Small Ice Age on our planet coincided with the Great Solar Minimum. In fact, the climate depends on water currents, volcanic activity, human activities and many other factors.

Some speculate that the Big Sunny Low will happen in the next decade. Scientists are sure that in the event of this alignment, global warming would be compensated for only a few years. Nothing would have changed substantially. Our planet has been actively heating since the beginning of the last century. Experts agree that today it is people who are more influencing the climate.

Thus, no solar processes will stop global warming, which has been going on for a century and a half.


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