An abnormal gap detected in Earth’s magnetic field

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The European Space Agency reports that thanks to images of orbiting satellites, experts were able to detect a huge gap in the magnetosphere of the globe. This observation is very alarming.

Over the past few centuries, the magnetic field has not only weakened by 9%, but has also begun to “crumble”. An area has formed in it, the attenuation in which is much stronger. Scientists called the gap “South Atlantic Anomaly”, which stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe.

The magnetic field is formed due to molten iron, which is located at a depth of three thousand kilometers. It revolves around a solid core, vibrations create an invisible protective field passing through the north and south. An invisible force surrounds the entire planet and converges at the poles.

The magnetosphere of the Earth is an important component, which is a shield for all living things. The “protective shell” protects us from dangerous cosmic radiation, stops the solar wind and cosmic rays. Moreover, the magnetic field for some animals is vital for orientation in space, for example, birds during migration.

Jürgen Matska, who works at the German Research Center for Earth Sciences, noted that the gap has formed in the past decade and is growing. The main task of scientists at the moment is to study the processes in the depths of the Earth that lead to the weakening of the magnetosphere. Perhaps the weakening is associated with a change in the north pole and the south.

The pole shift, according to scientists, occurs once every 200-300 thousand years.

The last pole shift occurred 780 thousand years ago, so the next change should already occur. A decrease in magnetic field power of 90% is expected. It is difficult to say how processes will affect people and animals, since in modern history, mankind has not encountered anything like it.


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