NASA scientist says there is life after death proven by science

(ORDO NEWS) — Wernher von Braun, who was a leading NASA scientist, was convinced that life after death is a reality and this has been repeatedly proven by science.

It was Wernher von Braun who helped the United States win the space race with Russia. And yet he believed that life after death still exists. He published the book The Third Book of Words for Life, in which he made a very serious statement.

The scientist argued that the fundamental laws of the Universe indicate not only the existence of an afterlife, but even God. He was sure that nothing disappears without a trace and a person’s soul may well be somewhat immortal. Wernher von Braun also said that belief in an afterlife can give people some moral strength and make them better.

Many modern people believe that science and religion are completely different things. But skeptics will be extremely surprised that it is science that proves the fact that nothing disappears without a trace in our world. The same rule can be applied to the human soul. Also in his book, the scientist cited as an example the words of US President Benjamin Franklin. He believed in the immortality of the human soul and in the afterlife.

Wernher von Braun studied at the Berlin Institute of Technology and, after graduation, took part in the development of the lethal V2 missile, which was later used by Nazi Germany. After the war ended, Brown began working with the Americans and became director of the ballistic weapons program. In 1955 he received US citizenship and was soon transferred to NASA.

It is worth noting that von Braun is far from the only scientist who openly spoke about his belief in the afterlife and the presence of higher powers.


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