Mysterious triangular object spotted in one of Area 51 hangars

(ORDO NEWS) — The images of Area 51 were obtained from a pilot who flew near a secret base a couple of days ago. Fans of the conspiracy theory immediately began to talk about an incomprehensible object, which is located in one of the open hangars.

Pilot Gabe Zeifman posted images of Area 51, which users immediately began to comment on. They noticed in the photographs a mysterious triangular-shaped object that was located right inside the hangar. It is rather vague, so it is not possible to establish its exact origin. But conspiracy theorists have several versions of this.

Area 51 hangars

One of the users suggested that this is a top-secret Toblerone sleeve that has been hidden from the public by the government for many years. Another part of commentators noted the fact that the government recognizes the existence of aliens. And, most likely, in Area 51 there is a study of alien technology.

Area 51 is one of the more popular names for the United States Air Force base located in the Nevada desert. Everything that happens at this base is kept in strict secrecy, but the public believes that this is where the government and scientists are studying aliens and their technologies.


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