A “mantle anomaly” discovered in a Chinese volcano near the surface

(ORDO NEWS) — There is an active volcano in China on the border with North Korea. It was in it that specialists discovered a “mantle anomaly” not far from the surface.

Mount Paektu is considered to be an active stratovolcano. Inside the caldera there is a huge crater, which is called “Heavenly Lake”. This crater appeared after an eruption in 946.

The eruption was incredibly strong and destroyed a huge number of territories, and a lot of volcanic ash was thrown into the sky. Very little is known about the volcano itself due to the fact that it is located on the territory of two very secretive states.

For some time, the Paektu volcano has been considered special, because it is there that an incomprehensible anomaly is located, which scientists cannot explain to this day. It was also a shock for the specialists that after another study it was possible to establish that it is located much closer to the surface than previously thought.

For the Chinese volcano, a documentary was even filmed, in which experts are trying to explain the origin of the anomaly and how it could further affect the activity of the volcano itself.


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