The woman experienced clinical death and told about mysterious creatures

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(ORDO NEWS) — While kayaking with Mary Neal, an unpleasant incident happened: after falling into the water, she did not breathe for half an hour. When the woman was found under water, her appearance horrified everyone.

The body became purple and bloated. However, surprisingly to everyone, it was possible to bring the woman back to life. After the incident, Mary told everyone about her near-death experience.

There was no pain or panic after diving. Moreover, the soul was filled with a sense of peace: Mary had never felt so alive before. In another world, she was greeted with warmth and love. The woman was walking along a path strewn with thousands of flowers.

Mary found herself in a domed structure, where there were many spirits in physical embodiment (with heads, arms, torso and clothes). It was the spirits who said that the woman’s time had not yet come, so she could return to her body.

The creatures reported terrible – information about the future death of the woman’s eldest son. Mary did not dare to tell her husband about it. As soon as she finished writing her memoir of the experience, she learned about the accident involving her son. The worst thing came true.


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