US is holding aliens captive and stealing their technology, claims ‘former Area 51 engineer’

(ORDO NEWS) — Former engineer Bill Uhouse claims to have worked in Area 51. According to him, aliens were held captive by them, and engineers and military personnel dismantled alien technology on site. This is reported by the Daily Star.

Retired engineer Bill Juhaus said that Area 51 is experimenting on aliens and testing their technology.

Bill Youhouse’s reports indicate that he was working on the site of a secret US military base where there were indeed aliens.

US is holding aliens captive and stealing their technology claims former Area 51 engineer 2

The 71-year-old man has been described as an extraterrestrial research expert who probably knew more than the average person about what was going on in Area 51 and the experiments being conducted there.

There is a clear reason the public is not aware of aliens, he says, and it all comes down to former US President Eisenhower.

Juhaus has spoken several times about his time at the military base, and despite passing away in 2009, still continues to “report” conspiracy theories around the world.

Reports show that Juhaus and other engineers have been working to dismantle alien technology, while military officials and engineers have reverse-engineered the alien technology they found.

The man said that “in terms of technology, we are working with an alien race.”

The aliens have been identified as EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities) and Juhaus will be working on them with a team of engineers at Area 51.

Three separate categories have been created for alien surveillance. Gray aliens have been categorized into small, medium, and high ratings.

In one of his last interviews, Juhaus mentioned the reason for the secrecy of the facility, stating that a peace treaty was allegedly signed between the US and the UN.

According to Uhouse, the treaty was signed by the UN and then US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, which the former engineer believes is the reason why Area 51 keeps the acquisition of new technology secret.


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