Monkeypox was discovered in the US: what is its danger

(ORDO NEWS) — To date, the US authorities are doing everything possible to find 200 people from different states of the country who have previously been in contact with infected monkeypox.

An infectious disease is not only very rare, but also incredibly dangerous. It was contracted in early July by a Texas resident during his trip to Nigeria. If you believe the official data, then this is the first case of infection in the United States, recorded by experts since 2003.

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Monkeypox outbreaks occur regularly in western and central Africa. The disease is quite normal in regions where tropical rainforests are present. A patient with a disease from Texas was admitted to the hospital. The man is now in a stable condition. So far, no other cases of human infection in the United States have been detected.

At the same time, the authorities are looking for people who were in the same plane with the victim or had contact with him. Perhaps the infectious disease was transmitted to them, which could provoke the development of another epidemic.

It is worth noting that the monkeypox virus resembles smallpox in many ways, but has lower rates of infectiousness and mortality. Although sometimes the outbreaks that were recorded in Africa were characterized by a fairly large number of deaths. Indicators could reach 10%.

The disease provokes severe fever, headache and pain in the back, then general weakness is added. After a while, the fever will subside and a rash may develop on the face and other parts of the body. In most cases, the feet and palms are affected. The rash sometimes itches, resulting in pustules. After they disappear, noticeable scars remain on the skin.


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