Prisoners took hostages and demanded pizza as ransom

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(ORDO NEWS) — Two prisoners are serving time in a maximum security prison in Sweden. It is located near Stockholm. The men took two guards hostage and did not release them for nine hours. It is worth noting that prisoners are serving time for a rather serious crime – murder.

Reported by Aftonbladet.

The inmates entered the room where the guards were located in an incomprehensible way. The men were preliminarily armed with piercing weapons, which they made on their own. They were sharp razor blades that were securely attached to toothbrushes.

In order to solve the problem, negotiators were immediately sent to the prison. Also, a fire engine, an ambulance and even a helicopter that belonged to the police were sent to the scene. Other inmates told the men to surrender immediately and not aggravate the situation.

The source says that initially the killers wanted to get a helicopter as a ransom, but after a while they changed their minds and agreed to release the guards after providing them with 20 pizzas. The food was to be delivered not only to the inmates, but also to their inmates.

Immediately after the pizza was delivered to the prison, the guards were released. The guards were not subjected to any violent actions and as a result of the incident they did not receive a single injury.


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