Ancient Roman road discovered underwater in Venice

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have discovered a huge number of ancient buildings under water in Venice. They are located at the very bottom of the Treporti Canal. Experts suggested that a long time ago, even before the sea level rose, a Roman road passed in this place, but then it was flooded.

This may indicate that several centuries before the settlement of Venice, there could have been a fairly large settlement of the Romans.

Reported by Sciencealert.

Fantine Madricardo said that the length of the road is about 1200 meters and it is located in the northern part of the Venetian lagoon. Experts have suggested that this may be the last surviving section of the road in the ancient Venetian city called Altinum.

The presence of the road has also been confirmed by other discoveries. For example, earlier experts found a huge amount of archaeological traces near the Scanello Canal. In ancient times, there were large buildings that speak of the existence of a harbor.

Previously, scientists have already conducted research and found that there are also traces of a road at the bottom of the Scanello Canal. The section that goes through the Treporti Canal may be part of a fairly large road network belonging to the port city.

The researchers noted that it is necessary to continue to study the underwater structures of Venice, as well as their ruins, because they can tell a lot about the Roman settlements that existed in this area.


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