In 1950, a group of 9 stars disappeared 30 minutes after the discovery

(ORDO NEWS) — Just half an hour after the telescope was pointed at a group of nine stars, they disappeared into some unknown place. This incident happened in 1950, but only recently learned about it, when an old photographic plate was developed.

The event still has no explanation from experts, but there are still several rather daring versions of the disappearance.

This is reported by Nature’s Scientific Reports.

A group of nine transient stars was discovered by scientists on April 12, 1950. Astronomers from the Palomar Observatory began to study them. But they disappeared literally half an hour after their discovery, which baffled specialists.

One by one, the stars often disappeared before, but this could always be explained. In most cases, the cause was a large cloud of dust that completely covered the star. In this case, a whole group of stars disappeared and this happened for the first time.

Experts have suggested that the cause of the incident may be a supermassive black hole that suddenly appeared in the immediate vicinity. It swallowed the stars and quickly slammed shut.

To date, this is only a hypothesis that has no direct evidence. It will most likely be possible to establish the true cause of this incredible event only after more powerful orbiting telescopes and the most powerful equipment for exploring outer space begin to be used.


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