Mind parasites: an alternative Theory of bad mood causes

(ORDO NEWS) — Do you ever “accidentally” start breaking things, hitting corners, getting hurt in a hurry? Or are you in a bad mood for no reason?

There is an assumption that this is caused by the actions of parasites of consciousness. Of course, “parasites” is just the word that best describes the situation. You can call it whatever you like.

Parasites feed on negative emotions

To do this, they find some traumatic moment in a person’s memory. They then cause the victim to feel helpless, desperate, and worthless. A person begins to look for excuses for them and finds “evidence” in memory. It turns out a vicious circle. Emotions were launched “from the outside”, and then the person winds himself up.

Parasites can take control of the body for a fraction of a second and cause harm to it (by evoking the appropriate emotions). Or lead to suicide. Thoughts of suicide are a sure sign of their attack.

Parasites of consciousness have been discovered by many researchers. Books have been written on this subject, one of them is “Psychic Self-Defense” by Robert Bruce. Bruce reports that our consciousness is influenced by many invisible spiritual sources:

“Obviously, the recognition of the existence of dark spiritual entities is a significant difficulty for many. There are two ways.

“The first is to consider them as some kind of dense clots of negative energy. The second – as visible manifestations of one’s own subconscious or the subconscious of other people; or as self-existing intelligent thought-forms.

They can make us unhappy, irritable, confused, sick, unstable, even crazy.

” “Your understanding of spirits depends solely on your life experience, your beliefs and willingness to acknowledge their existence. ”

However, no matter who or what they are, if they exist at all, they must be taken into account.”

Colin Wilson, in his book Parasites of the Mind, writes the following:

“The uninitiated ask me from time to time if I really ‘see’ parasites and if I believe they have any particular shape. To which I answer ‘no’. To to understand what sensations I am talking about, imagine such a picture.

“You’re hot, you’re tired, everything in the world is somehow wrong. As soon as you start to cross the street, a bus rushes past you, almost crushing your leg; the whole world seems hostile to you.

The usual sense of security has disappeared, everything seems frighteningly fragile and unreliable.” This is how a person who has been attacked by parasites feels.

“Before, I took all this for the usual bout of pessimism and bad mood and immediately found some reason for concern to justify them.”

We live in a world where many of our experiences are invisible to the physical eye. Most of the time, the veil of the third dimension shuts us off from the awareness that we “see” and “feel” other aspects of our lives.

So the next time you notice negative thoughts popping into your head, according to these researchers, those thoughts aren’t yours at all.


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