Meghan Markle and her cookbook

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — After the decision of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to officially leave the royal family, the question arises of what they intend to do next. As you know, the Duchess of Sussex signed an agreement with Disney, in which she in particular will voice the documentary “Elephant”, whose release on the Disney + platform is scheduled for April 3. In addition, she can return to cooking, which has long been causing her passion.

According to an anonymous source, Meghan Markle may be busy writing a cookbook. The Duchess has already participated in the publication of the culinary publication, writing in 2018 the introduction to “Together: Our Community Cookbook”. It collected recipes for women who survived the fire at London’s Grenfell Tower in June 2017. Meghan Markle even went to their common Hubb Community Kitchen to take part in cooking.

Long-standing interest

In the preface, she emphasizes the relationship she has developed with the kitchen: “I have long been interested in the history of food: where she comes from, why she is loved, how she brings us together. The same goes for the connection with the community that we feel when we break bread.”

The time spent in the kitchen, along with the natives of India, Uganda and Morocco, became for her one of the “most expensive” memories. “I would describe this cultural diversity as a passport on a plate: a dish can take you to places you have never been to, or help you get home.”

She also recalls her favorite children’s dish of cabbage, peas and corn bread: “We ate it for the New Year, this is a long tradition in which each ingredient matters: peas – prosperity, green vegetables – wealth, corn – health and prosperity. It was not just a goal for the New Year, but a wish. Not just food, but history.”

The Duchess recalls her student years in Chicago, when sometimes she was impatient to return home to taste the “gumbo bowl” from her mother. The same goes for Putin and other Canadian dishes she met in Toronto when she starred in the TV series Force Majeure. Not to mention fish tacos and other Mexican delicacies from her native Los Angeles. “We all went through the fact that after the first bite we close our eyes, enjoy, remember (…) the first time we tried it. It’s not without reason that it’s often said that chicken broth cures not only a runny nose, but also a soul: there is something animating in the taste of a dish that matters to us.”

New way?

Before becoming the bride of Prince Harry, and then the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle posted the blog The Tig, which talked about fashion and travel, shared recipes and addresses of favorite restaurants. Like many Californians, she has a weakness for toast with avocado, which was written by makeup expert Daniel Martin, who had dinner with her in January 2019.

The same goes for the avocado dip recipe that she recognized at Hubb Community Kitchen and now makes at home. Be it a blog or a cookbook, the kitchen is likely to be one of the new ways that Meghan Markle will try. In any case, she will allow her at least a little distraction before the end of the period of self-isolation.


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