Mathematician Sediq Afgan said the current US president is a member of the Masonic society

(ORDO NEWS) — The famous mathematician Sediq Afghan, who can easily predict events, shared his thoughts about the existence of a secret “Masonic society”.

In the program, he said that even the American leader is a member of this organization.

According to the mathematician Sediq Afgan, who is called the modern Nostradamus, a powerful “Masonic society” has been in existence for many years.

The purpose of this organization is the destruction of mankind. Afghan believes that members of a secret society are the founders of terrorism and drug trafficking around the world.

Many of the events that led to the mass death of people are the work of their hands.

“Their plan is to destroy 67% of the world’s population,” said the mathematician.

He added that he was not afraid to confront the “devil committee” and reveal its plans.

The hero of the Malakhov program assured that by 2025 this sinister organization would be exposed.

The “Masonic Society,” Sediq Afghan claims, is only going to keep 100 million people alive.

To achieve their goal, they use different methods. Among those who are members of this “devil committee” there are very influential people.

“The President of America is a member of the Masonic Society,” Afghan said.


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