Marriages are born in heaven, and the fate of man is predetermined: here is the evidence

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the distant past, the people of China believed that their soulmate was given to them by heaven, and fate itself was predetermined by the Higher powers. The deity that united the destinies of people was given the name Lunar Elder or Lunar Elder.

According to the stories of the Chinese, the deity has a red thread with which he bandaged the legs of women and men. People united by a thread in the future must meet, even if they were hundreds of kilometers from each other.

In the collection “On the Mystical and Miraculous”, the writer Li Fuyan, who lived during the Tang Dynasty (612-907), recorded an interesting story of a man named Wei Gu. The Chinese arrived in the city of Songcheng and stopped in the inn. There he saw an elderly man reading a book.

Wei Gu became interested in the book, so he asked the old man a few questions. The elder said that in his book recorded future marriages of the people of the Middle Kingdom. Near the elderly man lay an old bag, and in it was a red thread. An instant later, the old man pointed a finger at a three-year-old girl in the arms of a blind woman and noted that this was Wei Gu’s future wife.

The man, of course, did not believe it; he ordered the girl to be killed.

After 14 years, Wei Gu got married. Between the eyebrows of his wife, he noticed a strange scar. The girl noted that in childhood, some unknown persons attacked her with a knife for no reason.

Then Wei Gu realized that the old man was absolutely right. Higher forces determine the fate for each person, and to refute or change something is stupid and useless. Significant events will happen anyway. Nothing in our life is accidental.


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