The second wave of coronavirus can be more deadly: when to wait for another outbreak

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The first outbreak of coronavirus is on the decline, in connection with which the authorities of certain countries happily exhale. WHO also said that today it is necessary to prepare for a new outbreak, which will definitely happen again this fall. Perhaps she will be even more deadly.

Hans Kluge of WHO suggests that the epidemiological situation in Europe in the fall will be terrible: an outbreak of coronavirus may coincide with seasonal diseases such as influenza and measles. The healthcare system is not ready for such a “combo,” it needs urgent strengthening.

The danger of the second wave of coronavirus is said by many experts. As an example, they cite the Spanish flu of 1918-1920. The disease that appeared in the last century was not very dangerous at first, but it soon returned and killed 50 million people.

At risk are countries where the first wave has passed relatively calmly. These are Africa and Eastern Europe. The authorities of some countries claimed that they were not like Italy. In reality, for them, everything can only begin. Today the epidemic is not raging, but very soon it can shoot with renewed vigor. In these matters, you must be as careful as possible.

It is difficult to say what exactly awaits people in the fall. Perhaps there will also be hard quarantine, which will drag on again for several months. This alignment will again leave many people without work, the global economy will sink.


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