Live to a hundred years: the secrets of longevity from Ancient China are named

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In order to live the years allotted by fate, it is necessary to strengthen the body, protect it from diseases and slow down the aging process.

For this, people in antiquity followed the laws of yin and yang: they limited themselves in food, lived modestly and acted thoughtfully.

Harmony reigned in the souls of people, so they easily boiled down to hundreds of years. The Confucius canon “Shu Ching” refers to 5 factors of happiness: longevity, prosperity, healthy body, peace of mind, virtue and peaceful death.

To achieve longevity, you need to protect yourself from anxiety, work must be alternated with rest, have a calm state of mind. These instructions are given in the Treatise of the Yellow Emperor on the Inner.

Traditional doctors advise the following.

  • Do not participate in activities that are physically and mentally draining.
  • Drop all thoughts of misses and successes, losses and gains.
  • Give preference to soft food and warm water. Avoid wind, frost, heat and high humidity.
  • Do not wake up too early, for example, before sunrise and do not go to bed late.

These tips are simple enough to follow on an ongoing basis.


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