Neanderthals knew how to sew clothes scientists found a thread age 50 thousand years

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In a cave in southeastern France, scientists were excavating, when suddenly a stone with a thread glued to it fell into their hands. As it turned out later, the material was created 50 millennia ago.

The find may be evidence that Neanderthals possessed sewing skills. They knew how to twist the fibers, making them cords, threads, ropes. Twisting the fibers is a fundamental skill that allowed us to create clothes, bags and fishing nets, said Bruce Hardy, a specialist from Kenyon College in Gambier.

A pointed stone was found under a three-meter layer of rock. The length of the attached thread was only 6 mm, but this was enough for its analysis. The thread, in addition to everything, turned out to be three-layered.

Prior to this discovery, the oldest thread was 19 thousand years old. It was found by archaeologists in Israel, the material was already created by modern man. Perhaps it was the Neanderthals who taught everyone how to sew.


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