Life of the rich in antiquity: donkey milk bath and snail shell scrub

(ORDO NEWS) — Donkey milk and ground snail shells were the best-selling lotions in ancient Rome. Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC) and Pliny the Elder (between 22 and 24 AD – August 24 or 25, 79 AD) wrote about the healing properties of donkey milk at different times .).

Cleopatra VII believed in the beneficial effect of donkey milk on the skin , who regularly took baths from this nutrient fluid in order to maintain beauty and youth.There is a legend that it took more than 700 donkeys to fill one Cleopatra bath!

Poppaea Sabina (30 CE – 65 CE), the second wife of the emperor Nero , also took regular baths in warm donkey milk. While she basked in a milk bath, the slaves rubbed her wet body with snail shell powder, which served as a modern day scrub.

In order for Poppea to enjoy such a bath, according to sources , about 500 donkeys had to be milked. Nero’s wife claimed that donkey’s milk had an invigorating effect on her skin.


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