Scientists explain inconsistencies in physics with the theory of multiverses

(ORDO NEWS) — Although in the scientific community it is customary to consider the Standard Model of physics to be the only true one, there are provisions in it that do not fit into the big picture.

And now, as it became known, an international group of scientists proposed a different model. She successfully copes with the fact that “close” these problems.

Thus, the discrepancy between the actual mass of the Higgs boson and the mass measured by them is explained using the model of the formation of the Universe, which was based on the theory of multiverses.

According to experts, at the time when the Universe was just being formed, there were other similar universes that were parallel to ours.

At the same time, the Higgs bosons were distributed randomly, i.e. some received a heavy boson, while others, on the contrary, received a light one.

As a result, the universes with a heavy boson subsequently collapsed, and only our Universe remained “alive”, into which light bosons fell due to the symmetric strong interaction.


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