Emperor Nero – Antichrist of Ancient Rome

(ORDO NEWS) — Emperor Nero “became famous” primarily for the first real persecution of Christians during his reign. This madman used the burning bodies of Christians as garden lights…

The Great Fire of Rome (July 18, 64 AD – July 23, 64 AD) destroyed several areas of the city in a few days.

Some began to accuse Neuron of deliberately setting fire to the city; the emperor, in turn, wishing to dispel any suspicions, hastened to find the culprits.

Neuron chose the followers of Christ as the scapegoat, launching a massive campaign to persecute them.

It is worth noting that Neuron really had nothing to do with the burning of the city. We did an analysis of this myth in a recent article, which you can read HERE .

According to Tacitus, the persecution of Christians went so far as to be thrown to be eaten by wild animals or nailed to crosses in the imperial garden and set on fire.

According to Tacitus, the persecuted Christians played the role of “living torches” that illuminated the feasts that Nero regularly hosted.

Emperor Nero Antichrist of Ancient Rome 2

Christians themselves considered Nero a persecutor and contempt of faith

Eusebius of Caesarea (between 260 and 270 – May 339), a Greek ecclesiastical historian and theologian, wrote that “[Nero] was the first to persecute this [Christian] doctrine.”

Tertullian (between 155 and 165 – between 220 and 240), an early Christian writer and theologian noted that Nero was “the first to hold the sword of empire against the Christian religion.”

Moreover, many followers of Christ believed that Nero was the Antichrist because of his cruelty, corruption and deceit.


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