Legendary Bugatti has entered the electric vehicle market. With scooter

(ORDO NEWS) — Bugatti makes some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world, but it still lacked the electric vehicles that are now gaining popularity. And at CES 2022, we were finally shown what Bugatti had prepared. And this is a scooter. Yes.

The electric scooter is foldable and has, according to the company, “a unique aerodynamic design . ” It is reported to have a magnesium alloy frame that allows it to weigh less than 15kg.

The 700W motor provides sufficient efficiency for up to 15 degree inclines, which, in combination with a 36V 10Ah battery, provides a cruising range of 32 km to 45 km. The battery itself is removable and charges from any standard outlet within four hours. The scooter has three driving modes: Economy, Urban and Sport, providing a maximum speed of 14 km / h, 20 km / h and 30 km / h, respectively.

Most conspicuous is the monogrammed taillight, which projects the famous RB logo onto the ground behind the “driver”. The scooter also has headlights on the sides of the deck and at the rear, as well as dual turn signals on the handlebars.

legendary Bugatti has entered the electric vehicle market With scooter 2

It has not yet been announced when the Bugatti-Bytech scooter will go on sale and how much it will cost.


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