Land with an active volcano is being sold in Iceland: there are already buyers

(ORDO NEWS) — The Reykjanes Peninsula (Iceland) has recently become famous throughout the world. There is a plot of land with an active volcano for sale. Location – Mount Fagradalsfjadl. The area is owned by a 20-member landowner association.

It is reported by Forbes.

The head of the association, Sigurdur Gudjon Gislason, claims there are several buyers. The danger of buyers is not at all scared, on the contrary, they are ready to pay a decent amount of money. Due to such a great demand, the current owners are even ready to bargain in order to get the most money.

The Fagradalsfjadl volcano has been sleeping for the last 6 thousand years and woke up in March 2021. The eruption lasted for several weeks. Lava flowed out of the volcano’s crack, moreover, earthquakes regularly occur on the site. Also, during the activity of the volcano, the air is polluted with ash and dangerous vapors with sulfur dioxide.

The local landscape looks more like a desert than a picturesque place. It is simply impossible to build a house here. The volcano and seismic activity made the site uninhabitable.

The area has received the unspoken name of Iceland’s “hottest spot”. The area attracts a lot of tourists. In a few weeks, 75 thousand visitors come here. It was the tourist demand that caused such a stir. Potential buyers want to arrange parking spaces for visitors here and create hiking trails.


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