The meaning of Meghan Markle’s “raised fist” decoration revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — On Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in the United States on May 9, Meghan Markle delivered a speech on the rights and priorities of women in the modern world. In her speech, the happy wife and mother talked about family life and how she and Harry prepare for the birth of their daughter. The Duchess’s address was televised.

This is reported by Express.

Those who watched the woman’s performance noticed a strange and unusual decoration. Suspension in the form of a fist raised up. The director of the TV channel on which the speech was broadcast said that Megan’s image was thought out to the smallest detail. The costume, make-up, accessories created the image of a strong woman.

The meaning of Meghan Markles raised fist decoration revealed

“Raised fist” is a symbol of Venus, symbolizing feminine strength. The cost of the jewelry is $ 140. It is available for purchase on the website of one jewelry company. The model of the pendant bears the symbolic name “Feminine Power”. The pendant is inlaid with a small amethyst. This mineral symbolizes enlightenment and abundance.

Naturally, already now the demand for the accessory has grown several dozen times. Now many Americans are wondering whether this was a woman’s commercial move, or whether the choice fell completely by accident.


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