The reason for the “dismissal” of the Robot Boston Dynamics from the NYPD

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(ORDO NEWS) — The first robotic policeman who became famous all over the world was dismissed from his “position”. Boston Dynamics’ development served law and order. They hired the dog in 2020 and used it only in cases where the life of the officers was in danger.

Reported by The New York Times.

Residents of the city reacted negatively to such a “policeman” and he had to be removed from service. During the year of his service, the robot dog took part in two operations. In the first, he rescued the hostages, and in the second, he helped to catch and detain a fleeing criminal. At the same time, the robot did not participate in the pursuit, but worked as an observer.

However, city council representatives Ben Kallos and Corey Johnson demanded that all data and records on the operation of the robot be provided. The townspeople began to fear such a policeman, calling him scary.

Even more fuel was added to the fire by the British TV series “Black Mirror”, where in one of the episodes there were such killer dogs. To reassure the public, Boston Dynamics had to abandon further services. In April, the contract between the police department and the company ended. The robop’s developers say they did not create it to harm humans, and the public reaction saddens them.

Perhaps the DiGidog will be hired in another state, time will tell.


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