Key information about coronavirus China hid

(ORDO NEWS) — Yan Liman, who worked at the University of Hong Kong, spoke about Beijing’s concealment of important information that was key to understanding the danger of the virus. So, the authorities of the Celestial Empire for a month hid information about the transmission of the disease from person to person, reports The Epoch Times.

Interestingly, the data was hidden by both China and the WHO. The consultant of the World Health Organization and at the same time the head of the University of Hong Kong kept silent about the danger. To tell the world the truth, the woman had to flee Hong Kong to the United States.

Since 2003, when humanity was confronted with SARS pneumonia, the laboratory at the University of Hong Kong has become the leading institution for the study of coronaviruses. Yan Limeng has been tasked by Leo Poong, her boss, to investigate the Covid-19 situation on the mainland. To do this, she needed to use her connections. The investigation was classified, although WHO had long awaited the latest information on the virus.

On December 31, it was already known that the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets. The woman collaborated with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to find out the details, although they could have been obtained through simple communication with patients: everything would have become clear anyway.

Leo Ponnu only nodded at the information about the infectiousness of the virus. On the same day, in a media interview, he did not say a word about the danger. On January 9, WHO announced that there is no information about the transmission of the virus by airborne droplets. It is obvious that WHO collaborated with the authorities of the Celestial Empire. At the same time, everyone insisted that there was no point in closing borders, wearing masks, etc.

The virologist secretly passed on information to the American media about the situation in hospitals and censorship, but she was not heard. The woman realized how isolated people in America and China are from each other. In free countries, everyone trusted the WHO, which was an irreparable mistake.

When Lyman was already on the plane to the United States, Hong Kong sent a delegation to her hometown. Unknown persons threatened family members of the virologist. The authorities even created a fake account under her name on foreign social networks to ruin her reputation. From a researcher, the woman turned into the alleged owner of a hamster on which experiments were carried out. All of Limen’s merits were instantly forgotten.


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