Group of UFOs hovered in the sky over Las Vegas (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — A video appeared on the Web showing bright lights over Las Vegas. In the comments, the conspiracy theorists immediately set about discussing the presence of aliens and the purpose of their arrival. There were also those who approached the issue more skeptically, becoming hiccuping reasonable explanations of what was happening.

People note that this is not the first time a UFO has appeared over Las Vegas. In April of this year, residents have already observed strange balloons that floated in the sky. Regarding another case of UFO occurrence: some believe that there is a real group of spaceships, while others – that there were ordinary drones in the sky.

In a video filmed by eyewitnesses, which was posted on the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, three lights can be seen moving in sync across the sky. Over time, the lights are rearranged in one line.

Most users tend to believe that aliens were clearly involved in the incident. There were also supporters of the theory about drones, but suddenly a commentator who introduced himself as a drone expert intervened in the conversation. He noted that the lamps on drones are LED, so they cannot change brightness and flicker. In the video, there is a moment when the intensity of the glow of the lights changes.

During the changeover, one of the lights in the center disappeared. Most likely, it was blocked by the body of the aircraft. If so, then the UFO was triangular in shape.


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