Joe Biden’s Oval Office contains an extraterrestrial object from 1972

(ORDO NEWS) — The rock from the surface was designated as Lunar Sample 76015.143. Its age reaches 3.9 billion years, and its weight is 332 grams.

After Joe Biden became president and moved to the White House, the Moonstone appeared on the shelf in the Oval Office, which is in a glass case. It was received by the President from NASA, as a sign of recognition of the achievements of past generations.

This sample was delivered to Earth by astronauts who took part in the Apollo 17 mission.

Joe Bidens Oval Office contains an extraterrestrial object from 1972

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Harrison Schmitt was the first and only geologist to fly to the moon. Lunar surface samples were collected in 1972. Moreover, these astronauts were the last to be on the moon.

Many people hope that soon NASA will resume missions to the Earth satellite again, but now the program will have a different name – “Artemis”. NASA was originally going to send the first woman to the moon.

There are plans to carry out the first mission by 2024. Special technologies are being developed for it, but things are going too slowly and therefore, most likely, by 2024 they will not have time to do everything.


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