The phenomenon of Baba Vanga: what scientists think about this

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 31, 2021, the popular soothsayer from Bulgaria could have turned 110 years old.

Despite the fact that Vanga died a long time ago, to this day, many remember her and try to find a hidden meaning in what she ever said. Of course, sometimes the soothsayer was outright nonsense.

Such nonsense includes the Third World War, which was supposed to happen in 2010, the catastrophe on December 22, 2020 and much more.

Velichko Dobriyanov, who analyzed Vanga’s predictions, noted the fact that the percentage of hits on the spot with the soothsayer was quite high.

Another scientist, Georgi Lozanov, interviewed over 7 thousand of Vanga’s clients and found that about 70% of her predictions came true. Perhaps Wanga really saw the future. It should be noted that even scientists do not exclude such a possibility.

An interesting point is that the first evidence that clairvoyance really exists appeared more than ten years ago. Experts have proven that such a phenomenon is a reality, therefore, it is worth taking it more seriously.


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