Jimmy Carter, former US president, admitted to seeing a UFO

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In one of his interviews, Jimmy Carter, who is the former president of the United States, said that in 1969 he saw UFOs. This happened in the middle of autumn in Georgia.

At that time, Carter served as governor of Georgia, and he became president only after 8 years. Then he filed an official report on what he saw. An interesting point is that the UFO blinked with the colors of the flag of America. To some extent, this can be taken as a portent that Carter will soon take over as president.

Then, when Carter saw a UFO, he was surrounded by 25 people. All of them suddenly saw lights in the west that were slowly approaching. After that, they stopped abruptly. The object began to change the color of the lights from white to blue, then to red, and then again to white. All those who saw what was happening could not understand what it really was. Soon the vision disappeared. Carter then had a recorder with him, to which he dictated the names of eyewitnesses and his own observations. When the future president got home, he wrote it all down on paper. He was sure that it was a UFO, like everyone else who was then next to Carter.


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