Scientists found a plant more than 400 million years old

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Stanford University have found a fossil plant, whose age reaches approximately 400 million years. Thanks to such a find, specialists can learn a lot of new information about how plants developed in the past.

Experts studied fossils and accidentally found a very old specimen. The discovered species of plants is not like any of those that grow on the planet today. Scientists have always paid special attention to plant propagation.

As a result of numerous studies, it was concluded that the breeding system was changing all the time. This study was published in the scientific journal Current Biology. It talks about how the breeding system of various plants has changed throughout the entire time.

In the fossils of an ancient plant, experts found spores of different sizes. It is worth noting that the structures contained either large or small spores, or medium, or all together. There are several such structures and each contains spores of a certain size.

Leslie suggested that such an arrangement of spores could arise as a result of evolution so that the plant could reproduce under a variety of conditions and in different ways. Presumably, the fossil specimen belongs to a group of extinct plants called herbaceous barinophytes.


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