Asteroid the size of a car nearly crashed into a satellite

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Despite the huge number of asteroids in the solar system and satellites near the Earth, the chance of a collision of bodies is incredibly small, since the objects are at a great distance from each other. That is why scientists are surprised and scared every time by the fact that some kind of space “pebble” is approaching artificial satellites.

On April 26, a relatively small asteroid 2020 HS7 was seen. Hawaiian astronomers have found that the chances of it falling to Earth are 10%. Very soon, Chinese and German scientists determined that the body would not enter the Earth’s atmosphere, but would fly at a record low distance – about 40 thousand kilometers. At this height are artificial satellites.

According to scientists, on April 28, an asteroid the size of a car nearly crashed into one of the satellites: it traveled at a distance of only 1200 kilometers. Experts have compared this distance in space with the thickness of the hair. Such stressful moments have never been observed before. If an object enters the atmosphere of our planet, it would burn out, experts are sure.


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